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Welcome to Vitaguard | Health. Vitaguard desires to enhance your healthstyle. The purpose of Vitaguard is to provide meaningful and insightful health and wellness information to assist you in leading a better life.

In upfront and honest disclosure, we are an independent Isagenix® Associate. In wanting to provide citizens with the highest quality and efficacious nutritional supplements and personal care products on the market, we proffer and advocate Isagenix® brand products.

Isagenix® products may be purchased through our subsidiary webstore: ChampionsNutrition.com.

For more information about Isagenix®, its products, health mission and philosophy, and science, please also visit: ChampionsNutrition.net.

We will provide you with insightful health and wellness information under the Health Information section, which will be an ever-expanding and adaptive section of Vitaguard | Health. Through this reference information, we hope it provides the fresh background for understanding the need of sound nutrition, fitness, stress management, weight management, cleansing and detoxification, personal care, and nature-based solutions to health care that one can obtain from using Isagenix® products.

We operate ChampionsNutrition.com purely as a global Isagenix® retail store, and as an Isagenix® consumer product distribution operation. You may purchase Isagenix® products solely on a retail level at ChampionsNutrition.com.

We want to share the high quality, unique, proprietary, science-based, no-compromise Isagenix® brand products and nutritional cleansing story with the world.

Isagenix® is the World Leader in Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing. REPLENISH | CLEANSE | REFRESH | INVIGORATE | REVITALIZE.

Please enjoy our site, and we sincerely strive to be your health and wellness partner. Nothing is more important than your good health. Cheers!


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