Cleanse Your Way to Flat Abs, Firm Thighs, and a Fit Body

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Cleanse Days do more than fuel fat loss–they support overall health and wellness.

Are your hard-earned flat abs trapped under a layer of flab? The secret is out: the Isagenix nutritional cleansing system is the key to making your muscles “pop.” By combining fat-busting Cleanse Days with muscle-building Shake Days, you could be sporting that six pack and tight body you’ve always wanted by summer.

Building muscle and shedding unwanted body fat at the same time can be difficult because a certain amount of calories and high-quality protein must be eaten to prevent muscle breakdown. That’s where many diet plans go wrong. Sure, you will lose weight quickly on popular juice cleanses and other very low-calorie and low protein diets. But most of this will be water and muscle, and little will be fat. In the aftermath of the crash diet, you will be left with a slower metabolism, a less shapely physique, and an exceptional ability to store fat quickly. That’s where the Isagenix system is different.

The Isagenix nutritional cleansing system is designed to transform your body by allowing you to build muscle and burn fat while keeping metabolism high. The secret lies in the combination of scientifically supported Shake Days with Cleanse Days. During Shake Days, the right type and amount of protein is consumed to maximize muscle synthesis when coupled with weight training. During Cleanse Days, the body efficiently melts away fat.

Although taking a day or two to abstain from eating on Cleanse Days may seem counterintuitive for muscle-building goals, disruption to the muscle-building process will be avoided when cleansing is done right and in combination with weight lifting during high-protein Shake Days. Studies have shown that Cleanse Days, or intermittent fasting as known to the scientific community, are great for obliterating fat stores and transforming the body, even in the muscle-minded.

Cleanse Days shrink fat cells

To say fat is a fact of life is an understatement—fat is a fact of about 40 billion cells! That’s how many fat cells the average adult has, and unfortunately that number can only increase; it can’t decrease. Think of fat cells like balloons. They start to fill up whenever calorie intake exceeds calories burned, and keep on inflating until they can’t inflate anymore. Once this happens, it can trigger the creation of new fat cells that are ready to be filled (1).

Even though the body cannot lose any fat cells, it can still shrink them into almost nonexistence. Cleanse Days help in this process because more calories are burned than eaten so the body will start to use fat for fuel, and this causes fat cells to shrink. Performing Cleanse Days on a regular or semi-regular basis means you’re giving your fat cells a repeated dose of fat-cell shrinkage, which equals more visible muscle and a more toned body.

Cleanse Days boost muscle-building compounds, helping to prevent muscle loss
Not only is human growth hormone an important part of muscle building, it also plays a role in preventing muscle breakdown and increasing fat burning. Cleanse Days are known to boost production of growth hormone (2). Fasting for just one day has been shown to increase growth hormone by an average of 1,300 percent in women, and nearly 2,000 percent in men (3).

This increase in growth hormone is one of the main reasons why completing a Cleanse Day will not abolish long-term, muscle-building goals. Growth hormone helps to defend against muscle loss on Cleanse Days by increasing the body’s use of fat for fuel. By forcing the body to rely on fat stores for energy rather than on protein hijacked from muscle, muscle loss can be minimized and fat burning can be maximized.

Additionally, fasting increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin, which is another hormone important to muscle-minded people (4-6). Insulin is important for muscle growth because it helps deliver sugar eaten during a meal to muscle where it can be used for energy during activity. Sensitivity to insulin is critical for meeting muscle-building and fat-burning goals because dietary carbohydrates can be efficiently used by muscle to stimulate growth rather than being converted to fat.

Shake Days plus resistance training maximize muscle gain

The IsaLean® and IsaLean Pro Shakes offer the perfect post-Cleanse Day nutrition to stimulate maximum muscle building. Both are high in whey protein, which is superior to other protein types for promoting muscle maintenance at rest or for bolstering muscle building after exercise (7-9). This is because whey protein is high in the amino acid leucine, which is seen by the body as the trigger for muscle growth. In addition, whey protein is absorbed and delivered to muscle quickly, further strengthening muscle synthesis.

No other protein has more research behind it showing superiority for muscle building, fat burning, and healthy weight management than whey. And studies have shown that the best nutritional strategy to maximize muscle growth and manage weight is to eat 20 to 40 grams of quality protein at regular intervals throughout the day (10, 11)—exactly what happens during Shake Days. By combining the Isagenix nutritional cleansing regimen of Shake and Cleanse Days with a regular gym routine, you have everything you need to achieve a tone, trim body, and to get those muscles to “pop.”


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Curb Cravings on Cleanse Day

Probably the greatest challenge to overcome on a Cleanse Day is the temptation to eat. Many times appetite—the desire to eat that can be triggered by boredom, emotional stress, or even the smell or appearance of food—can be mistaken for hunger, which is a physical feeling when your body needs fuel to function. Listening to appetite cues when your body is not truly hungry can cause you to throw in the towel on a Cleanse Day along with your weight loss goals.

Fortunately there are some scientifically supported ways to curb appetite cravings so you can have a successful Cleanse Day.

Follow a schedule. Before attempting a Cleanse Day, make sure you have a schedule that includes exact times to consume Cleanse For LifeIsagenix Snacks or IsaDelights, and water. Even more important, stick to it! If you go three or four hours without consuming anything you are more likely to stray from your Cleanse Day plan. The 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning Guide (page 4) has a good example of a Cleanse Day schedule, but feel free to adapt the schedule to your lifestyle.

Drink water. Ever go the fridge, open it, and stare with inability to decide what you want to eat? You may just be thirsty. The signals in our brains that say, “I’m thirsty,” are very closely tied to the signals that say, “I’m hungry”. For that reason, we commonly mistake thirst for hunger. Studies have shown that drinking water can help curb appetite and even cause us to eat less at mealtime. In one study, subjects who drank 17 ounces of water 30 minutes before lunch ate 58 percent fewer calories than those who didn’t (1). Water drinkers also reported greater feelings of fullness. When tempted to snack on a Cleanse Day, reach for a glass of water.

Use Cleanse Day “tools”. When you make your Cleanse Day schedule, be sure to include Isagenix Snacks and/or IsaDelights. Not only will they give you something to look forward to and motivate you to say no to the box of donuts in the office kitchen, but they will also provide your body with the right kinds of nutrients in just the right amounts to help keep your blood sugar stable in order to fight fatigue and keep you feeling good.

Mix up beverage options. In addition to Cleanse for Life, Isagenix offers beverage options that are Cleanse Day-approved. A favorite among many cleansers is e+, an energy shot with naturally sourced caffeine from green tea and yerba mate. Caffeine has long been touted to curb appetite and support weight loss (2). In a pilot study, subjects using e+ while following a 9-Day Isagenix system trended toward greater weight loss results than those who did not use e+. Another beverage option to add variety to your Cleanse Day is the soothing and adaptogen-packed t+ Chai.

Keep exercise light. While you may think intense exercising on a Cleanse Day would supercharge your fat loss, it can backfire by revving up your appetite. Additionally, because you’re not consuming protein and carbohydrates in levels that support optimal post-exercise recovery, intense exercise on a Cleanse Day can cause fatigue, muscle damage, and injury. Save intense workouts for Shake Days and instead choose low-intensity activities such as walking or yoga.

While Cleanse Days can be intimidating at first, Isagenix provides you with all the tools and guidance you need to not only have a successful Cleanse but an enjoyable one. And if you do end up hitting a wall and have to break your Cleanse, turn to an IsaLean Shake—it’ll satisfy cravings and hunger, fill you up with dense nutrition, and will barely set you back from your goals. The great thing about Cleanse Days is, there’s always next time.


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e+ Eases You Through Cleanse Days

When people choose to cleanse, the No. 1 goal they have is to lose weight in a safe, healthy manner. An Isagenix system delivers with Cleanse Days that help the body detox and boost fat burning.

Only, sometimes folks have trouble in completing Cleanse Days. Their reasons can include feeling too hungry, tired, irritable, or having a lack of motivation and focus. That’s where e+™ natural energy shots can come in to make cleansing easier.

Feeling hungry? e+ ingredients can help curb cravings. How it does so has partly to do with the shot’s content of caffeine supplied by yerba mate and green tea. Growing evidence suggests caffeine is useful for reducing the desire to eat—for a limited amount of time—although it’s wise not to overdo it (1, 2). An added plus is that caffeine and green tea antioxidants can help stimulate thermogenesis, which could help you burn at least a few additional calories per day (3, 4).

Feeling tired? Partly due to caffeine content, but also the adaptogens, the shot helps wake cleansers up. Studies looking at adaptogens, such as eleuthero and rhodiola, find that they fight fatigue by helping to normalize the body’s response to stress (6-12). In this way, e+ gives cleansers sustained energy and keeps them from hitting the wall. The wall, in this case, might be a tempting bag of chips.

Not in the mood? e+ can help with that too. Addressing the problem with the combo of caffeine and adaptogens can help correct any feelings of stress or irritability (7, 8, 13, 14). No need to lash out against innocent bystanders on Cleanse Days. Instead, enjoy an e+ and share the shot with those good people.

Down on cleansing because of a lack of motivation or trouble concentrating? It might just be because of hunger. Being hungry brings on “brain fog”. The solution—you guessed it!—is a shot. Studies show that a little sugar (such as from e+’s natural juices) combined with caffeine and adaptogens can work together to help increase concentration (8, 10, 13, 14). Take a shot: think clearly on Cleanse Days.

Blood sugar lows? Having e+ handy for boosting blood sugar may not be a bad idea for some people. Low blood sugar may affect some people while on a Cleanse Day. To avoid an episode, the typical recommendation from doctors is to eat or drink something right away with quickly absorbed sugar in it like fruit or fruit juice. Those with hypoglycemia, severe hypoglycemia, or diabetes are advised to discuss their personal situations with their physicians before trying a Cleanse Day or any nutritional product.

But will e+ interfere with cleansing and what about the extra calories? Both these questions have come up in relation to e+’s use on Cleanse Days. For these reasons, Isagenix performed an in-house pilot trial. The results were that e+ did not interfere with the effectiveness of the Isagenix system. In fact, the subjects in the trial who used e+ showed a positive trend toward greater weight loss compared to those who didn’t use the product. In short, the benefits of the adaptogens and natural caffeine should eliminate any concern about the minor addition of calories on Cleanse Days.


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Choose low-intensity exercise such as yoga on Cleanse Days.

To Exercise or Not to Exercise During Cleanse Days?

One of the main reasons people do Cleanse Days is to accelerate fat loss, and it is well known that exercise can boost these efforts. So it seems intuitive that exercise would be a good thing, right? Not necessarily. It turns out that intense exercise on Cleanse Days may do more harm than good.

Because low-calorie Cleanse Days do not provide protein and carbohydrates in levels that support optimal post-exercise recovery, exercising at a very high intensity can potentially bring unwanted consequences. What are the possible downsides to exercising vigorously while cleansing? And if less intense exercise is okay, how much and what type is best to do? To answer these questions, let’s begin by taking a closer look at what happens to the body during a Cleanse Day and also during exercise.

What happens during a Cleanse Day

Isagenix Cleanse Days limit foods while providing herbs, minerals, and vitamins that support detoxification. The purpose of cleansing is to allow your intestinal tract and liver to rest while stimulating fat loss and aiding the removal of accumulated impurities and toxins.

Although Cleanse for Life is rich in botanicals and antioxidants that fight free radicals and facilitate toxin removal, it does not provide many calories. Even when using Isagenix snacks! or IsaDelights as tools to get through Cleanse Days, calorie intake is very low and weight loss will occur as a person burns through the sugar in their blood, stored carbs, and fat tissue (See What Happens to Body Fat When you Cleanse).

What happens during exercise

Calories are purposefully kept low on cleanse days to support weight loss and detoxification; however, that is completely opposite of what the exercising body needs to support performance and recovery following intense activity. During exercise, the body uses sugar in your blood, stored carbohydrates (glycogen), and fat for energy. As the intensity of the exercise increases, the more the body relies on carbohydrate for fuel and the less it relies on fat.

For example, when doing repeated sprints, such as in a soccer match or during high intensity interval training, the body will use less fat and more carbohydrate. If a person is doing lower intensity exercise, such as an endurance event or half-marathon, they will depend more on fat for energy. During Cleanse Days, when blood sugar and glycogen is less available for strenuous intense exercise, engaging in lower intensity exercise may be better.

Although getting the right nutrition before exercise is important, getting the right nutrition directly after a workout is also critical. Eating protein following a workout will trigger muscle growth and muscle recovery. If quality sources of protein are not supplied during the post-workout period, muscles don’t have the right tools to grow and broken down muscle will not recover well.  Especially if the intensity or the duration of exercise is high, there might be a greater chance of sustaining nagging injuries or causing excess soreness.

The post workout period is also the best time for replenishing stores of carbohydrate used during exercise. Directly following a workout, the body is primed for quickly refilling glycogen. If carbohydrate is not eaten following a workout, glycogen stores will remain low and when carbohydrate is eaten at a later time, the body will not be as efficient in replacing it.

Getting carbohydrates quickly after exercise also has the added benefit of reducing the stress hormone cortisol that is elevated by exercise. Additionally, eating protein and carbohydrates after a tough workout will aid muscle growth, speed recovery, and support the immune system. The higher the intensity and the longer the duration of a workout, the harder it is on the body and the more important it becomes that the body receive adequate protein and carbohydrate for fuel, recovery, and immune health.

Studies on strenuous exercise during fasting

Subjecting the body to the extra stress of vigorous exercise during days where energy needs are low can have unintended harmful consequences. Most studies exploring the effects of exercise during fasting have been done on Muslim athletes undergoing strenuous training while observing Ramadan.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. Studies show that fasting during the day and pre- and post-exercise can impair the performance of these athletes, resulting in fatigue, increased muscle damage and susceptibility to injury, poor recovery, and a reduced ability to adapt to exercise in preparation for future sessions (1-3).  To prevent the harmful consequences of exercising while fasting, many athletes observing Ramadan train close to or after sunset so they can eat carbohydrates and protein before and/or after exercise.

The intensity of exercise is important on Cleanse Days

All of the possible harmful consequences of exercising vigorously make it sound as if all exercise is completely off limits on Cleanse Days, but this is not the case. Not all exercise is equal in stressing the body.

The bottom line is that the intensity and duration of the exercise matters most on Cleanse Days. Certainly it would not be a good idea to engage in a sport competition on a Cleanse Day, and might also be a good idea to avoid activities that involve heavy weight lifting, repeated bursts of alternating intense bouts of exercise (i.e. sprint track workouts or soccer), and performing for long periods (i.e. 10k run). Less vigorous activities such as walking and yoga would still burn extra calories, but would not place as much strain on the body.


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Meditation-Visualization (1)

Top 10 Keys for a Successful Deep Cleanse

By Ina Nozek, DC, MS, CCN

Cleanse Days can be challenging. They require motivation, dedication, health-consciousness, restraint, and control. Deep Cleansing, or performing two Cleanse Days in a row, is a mini-marathon, a chess game between you and your impulses. While you alone must do the hard work, support is key to achievement. Raising the stakes, here are ten top secrets to claiming your Deep Cleansing success.

1.  Drink water, water, and more water. It is easy to misunderstand your body’s thirst mechanism, but being out of touch is no reason to confound your Deep Cleanse. Sometimes we feel hungry when we are actually thirsty. Make sure to keep yourself very hydrated throughout your Cleanse Days. Remember, the products are an amazing support for your body during the release all of those nasty impurities but it is your job to flush them out. A minimum of ten glasses of pure, plain water are recommended each and every day.

2.   Snack to success. It is critical to keep your blood sugar stable so that you can function optimally while still supporting your body’s release of fat. The Isagenix Snacks! wafers are small saviors of satiety designed to do just that. Chew one wafer every couple of hours for a total of six to eight Snacks! throughout the day.

3.  Delight your brain. IsaDelight Plus Milk or Dark Chocolates are an absolutely delicious and effective way to reduce hunger and cravings! Delighting in two to four of these, even on a Cleanse Day, serves up a small dose of pleasure for you and your brain. But be mindful of timing and moderation. Make sure you wait at least a couple of hours after an Isagenix Snacks! wafer before consuming an IsaDelight Plus chocolate piece. If you have a chocolate, wait at least half an hour before having a snack. This will ensure the amino acids contained in an IsaDelight Plus deliver their most appetite-satisfying brain benefit and mitigate fluctuations in blood sugar.

4.  Get creative with Cleanse for Life. Clearly the cleansing staple, Cleanse for Life (available in liquid or powder) can be enjoyed several ways on a Cleanse Day. Most cleansers will take four servings (4 ounces of the liquid or 2 scoops of the powder). However, if you want to take the bite out of your belly, consider dividing the doses in half—you also have the option of doing eight servings of 2 ounces of the liquid or 1 scoop of the powder. Maybe make the whole batch and simply sip on it throughout the entire day so that by day’s end, you are completely done with it. Any combination is fine. Remember, you can also boost your hydration by diluting Cleanse for Life with as much water as you desire.

5.  Distract yourself from food. It may not seem in your nature to avoid your need to nurture, but whenever possible while cleansing, avoid cooking and preparing food for others. If you must cook for your family, plan to make something on that day that you don’t like or that really doesn’t tempt you. If you find your mind focusing on what you are dying to eat, gently move your thoughts to anything that is not food related. Better yet, think of how great you are going to feel about yourself when you are finished with your Deep Cleanse Days.

6.  Don’t overdo exercise. Cleansing can make you feel like your energy is low. Stay in tune with your body. Don’t over do it. It’s okay if you want to do an easy workout, take a nice walk, or even do a light yoga class, but don’t push your body to the point of becoming overly stressed, especially while you are cleansing. Pushing to exhaustion can compromise your cleanse efforts, put the body in a state of alarm, or even spur a feverish binge. Movement is important, so it is suggested that some form of mild exercise be done on a cleanse day, but anything strenuous is not necessarily recommended.

7.  Relax. Take a load off. It is so important to rest your body. If you have the opportunity to relax on a Cleanse Day, take advantage of it. Improve your results and your body by improving your rest. Burning the candles at both ends is never a good idea, but especially during a Deep Cleanse. Proper rest is mandatory for your body to recover and rejuvenate.

8.  Remember your IsaFlush. Make sure to take enough IsaFlush! (and Fiberpro) to ensure normal, daily bowel movements. Getting moving and staying hydrated will help keep your body in alignment. Release the body fat as well as the food belly. Staying regular is important to your weight loss and important for sustaining a healthy gut. Keep those bowels moving well!

9.  Visualize your success. See yourself attain your goal. So much of getting through Cleanse Days is the strong mindset of just doing it! Have a strong, clear vision of what you want to achieve for yourself. What is your desired weight? What size would you like to be? How clear will your skin be? How bright will your eyes be? See yourself as your picture of vibrant health and before you know it, you will look and feel fabulous!

10.  Stay connected. Cleanse with a friend, call your coach, connect with your support team, chat with other Isa-friends who are cleansing too, or join a group cleanse. Take advantage of social media—find friends in a new Isa Facebook group. These groups offer a wonderful community of people who share the passion for our products and who are actively working through the process of cleansing and replenishing. Finding a network of support is literally one click away!

About the Author

Dr. Ina S. Nozek is a clinical nutritionist and was in private practice from 1987 until 2009. She specializes in stubborn weight loss and detoxification. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College. She and her husband, Dr. Glenn Nozek owned and directed the Lifeline Center for Holistic Health. They were also the co-hosts of a cable TV series entitled, Lifeline; and a radio show entitled, Listen for your health. She and her husband live in Toms River, New Jersey, with their three children, Max, Arielle, and Jake.


Isagenix Cleanse Days are a safe and effective way to promote weight loss and stimulate detoxification.

What Sets Isagenix Cleanse Days Apart from Other Cleanse Regimens?

When most people think of a “cleanse,” they envision uncontrollable trips to the bathroom, gag-provoking concoctions, and absurd food restrictions. Fortunately, with Isagenix Cleanse Days, you can get all the health benefits of nutritional cleansing without experiencing those horrific—and sometimes dangerous—situations.

What makes Isagenix Cleanse Days different? The combination of decreased calorie intake with the herbs, vitamins, and minerals found in tasty Cleanse for Life supports the body nutritionally while giving the digestive system a chance to rest and the body a chance to detoxify. Unlike other “cleanses,” Isagenix Cleanse Days do not involve restricting yourself to drinking plain juices, or worse, taking laxatives, which can often do more harm than good.

Cleanse Days on the Isagenix system work to promote weight loss and support health through what is known as intermittent fasting—alternating periods of fasting and non-fasting (along with supplementation of potent botanicals; more on that later). One of the main effects intermittent fasting has on the body is that it increases the body’s sensitivity or responsiveness to insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar. Decreased sensitivity to insulin often accompanies obesity and has been linked to increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular complications.

Cleanse Days also stimulate greater metabolism of fat, including visceral fat—the fat that surrounds your organs. A recently published clinical trial has shown that Isagenix Cleanse Days (intermittent fasting) along with Shake Days (calorie restriction) are a winning combination for visceral fat loss. In the study, those on the Isagenix system lost more weight, a greater amount of body fat, and twice as much visceral fat (as evident in MRI scans) than those who were following a leading heart-healthy diet plan.

When losing weight, the goal is to burn fat while maintaining lean muscle. Unfortunately, some fad diets such as water, or even juice, fasting put your body in a catabolic state, which causes tissue breakdown that affects both fat and muscle. You may be impressed with the quick weight loss on a typical diet; however, a majority of it could be muscle mass. Not only that, typical fasting diets that last up to 10 days or more can actually slow down the body’s metabolism to conserve energy; meaning your body becomes more efficient and you don’t burn the calories you’d like to in order to reach maximum weight loss.

In contrast, Cleanse Days on the Isagenix system last for no more than two consecutive days. Following Cleanse Days, Shake Days consisting of replacing two meals with a low-calorie, high-protein IsaLean Shake stimulate protein synthesis and produce an anabolic state (tissue growth). The undenatured whey protein in IsaLean Shakes feed muscle tissue and continues to increase thermogenesis and fat oxidation. With short bouts of intermittent fasting, you can burn fat and maintain muscle.

Cleanse Days not only aid in weight loss and fat oxidation, they also stimulate detoxification. Reduction of fat mass—where virtually all toxins are stored—stimulates the release of chemicals into circulation where they are more easily excreted. Cleansing can also increase the levels and/or the efficiency of the enzymes responsible for toxin metabolism and elimination by virtue of Cleanse for Life’s antioxidant- and polyphenol-rich nutrients and plant extracts.

Isagenix Cleanse Days and Shake Days provide you with a safe and effective way to burn fat, release toxins, and maintain muscle mass. The program design of combined intermittent fasting with reduced calorie intake is a surefire way to reach you weight loss goals and support overall health and longevity.

Reference: Anson RM, Guo Z, de CR et al. Intermittent fasting dissociates beneficial effects of dietary restriction on glucose metabolism and neuronal resistance to injury from calorie intake. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2003;100:6216-20.

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