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By entering this “Health Information” section of Vitaguard | Health + Beauty, you have catapulted into a parallel universe of insightful health information, news and tips, as well as comprehensive written and visual information about Isagenix® and its unique products.

We will provide you with meaningful health and wellness information under this Health Information section, which will be an ever-expanding and adaptive section of Vitaguard | Health + Beauty. Through this reference information, we hope it provides the fresh background for understanding the need of sound nutrition, fitness, stress management, weight management, cleansing and detoxification, personal care, and nature-based solutions to health care that one can obtain from using Isagenix® products.

The “Health Information” quadrant of Vitaguard | Health + Beauty will contain sub-pages, whereby you may learn more about assorted important nutrition and health news, and moreover, an in-depth analysis, explanation, and coverage of the Isagenix® brand products, and their health benefits to you.

Upon your constant and continual learning of what Isagenix® can offer you in these pages, please visit and shop our webstore: www.ChampionsNutrition.com.  Thank you.

To garner a quick yet thorough understanding of the exceptional, high-quality Isagenix® products, please view our “Fast Facts PDF” on this link: Isagenix® Fast Facts PDF.


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