Backed by Science. Built on Trust.


Every product and every system we produce, we stand behind proudly. Why? Because we want each of you to gain not just superior nutrition and quality with every bite but also confidence knowing you are feeding your bodies with trusted products to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

All our products are backed by science and built on trust – which we attribute to our high standards and expectations.

We’ve invested in product research and science, and we want you to see the fruits of our labor. A brief compilation of some of our most recently published studies is provided below.

The Proof Is in the Products

Long-Term Weight Loss Study:

Dr. Paul Arciero and his team of researchers recently analyzed how combining Shake Days and Cleanse Days (when used as part of a system), in addition to other Isagenix products, can help improve body composition and contribute to better overall health during weight loss. The results of this study* also offer evidence that shows participants obtained better long-term weight maintenance compared to a traditional heart-healthy diet. Study participants were observed over a 15-month span while using products such as IsaLean™ Shake, IsaLean Bar, Cleanse for Life®, and Complete Essentials™ Daily Pack to name a few.

*A Skidmore College study published in Nutrients and Frontiers in Physiology.

Performance Study (Women):

A recent study* has demonstrated that physically active women who used Isagenix products for increased protein intake while engaging in an exercise program enhanced their muscular endurance, strength, power, and cardiovascular health. Participants used products such as IsaPro®, IsaLean PRO Shake, IsaLean Bar, e+™, Replenish (now AMPED™ Hydrate), Ionix® Supreme, and Complete Essentials Daily Pack. Researchers found that receiving quality nutrition offered in Isagenix products yielded better results compared to participants that used other supplements and a lower protein intake, maximizing users’ return on investment from working out.

*Published in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrients in June 2016.

Performance Study (Men):

A recent study* has found that physically fit men who used Isagenix products to boost their protein intake and improve their nutrition when training, observed a significant enhancement in their muscular power, strength, aerobic performance, and flexibility. The study also suggests that Isagenix products, in conjunction with a higher protein intake, support training-induced improvement in several performance outcomes – which includes positive adaptations for strength, power, endurance, and increased muscle growth (as indicated by IGF-1, a known marker for muscle growth).

*A Skidmore College study published in Growth Hormone & IGF Research.

Healthy Aging Study:

A recent study* has found that IsaGenesis®, when taken on a daily basis, can support the body’s concentration of catalase, an enzyme that is highly regarded as a biomarker of healthy aging.† Catalase was found to increase its circulating levels by 15 percent within study participants who supplemented their diets with IsaGenesis. Additionally, catalase plays a role in protecting telomeres (the protective caps found on the end of our chromosomes).

*An Arizona State University study funded by Isagenix, published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements.

Commitment to Science & Quality

The findings of these studies provide additional scientific validation to the Isagenix brand and speak to the quality and reputable presence our company has within the health and wellness realm. Our commitment to safety and science is clear. Our products are formulated from science and built on quality YOU can trust. The proof isn’t just in the research, it’s in the products – eat them, love them, share them. Everyone deserves superior nutrition.

​​†This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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