From Bean to Square: The 5 Steps to IsaDelight Chocolates by Isagenix


Every step in creating IsaDelight® chocolates, from sourcing raw cocoa beans to producing the finished chocolate square, has been carefully considered to deliver outstanding quality and exceptional flavor.

Step 1: Finest-Quality Cocoa Beans

Isagenix sources only top-quality cocoa beans, which are hand-selected by certified cocoa graders. Our cocoa is grown on small, family farms and harvested at the peak of ripeness. Ensuring that the cocoa pods ripen fully on the plant before harvest allows the cocoa beans to achieve the highest concentration of natural compounds that contribute to the characteristic chocolate flavor. After harvest, cocoa beans are scooped from the cocoa pods and prepared using traditional methods.

Step 2: Gentle Processing

Our cocoa beans are gently processed using temperature-controlled methods to develop smooth texture and rich flavor while carefully protecting the cocoa’s delicate natural compounds. First, the inner part of the cocoa bean, called the cocoa nib, is roasted under a controlled temperature to release its deep chocolate flavor and aroma. Roasted cocoa nibs are finely ground to produce a thick liquid called cocoa liquor, but this liquid doesn’t contain any alcohol. Warmth generated during the grinding process causes the cocoa butter in the nib to melt, resulting in a liquid blend of melted cocoa butter and fine cocoa powder.

Step 3: Final Blending

During the final blending process, known as conching, the chocolate liquor is blended with additional cocoa butter, vanilla extract, and other ingredients to complete the IsaDelight recipe. Flavor ingredients like milk and natural peppermint extract are added to create Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate With Mint Flavor. At this stage, a carefully formulated blend of nutrients is incorporated into the chocolate mixture. These ingredients include green tea extract, amino acids, and select vitamins and minerals to boost the natural benefits of chocolate.

Step 4: Careful Temperature Control

Each step in the process of creating IsaDelight chocolates involves precise temperature control to protect the delicate, natural compounds in cocoa, but temperature is most critical during tempering. At this stage, our chocolate mixture is melted at a mild 83 degrees Fahrenheit under carefully controlled conditions. Tempering helps to create a smooth, glossy appearance and a satisfying snap when you bite into an IsaDelight chocolate.

Step 5: Quality You Can Taste

When tempering is complete, the warm chocolate mixture travels through a short, insulated pipe and is poured into a mold, creating the familiar IsaDelight square. The molds are pre-warmed to match the temperature of the liquid chocolate and then quickly cooled to set the shape. The completed chocolate squares are released from the mold with a firm tap, then undergo a final quality inspection. Finished IsaDelight chocolates are immediately sealed in individual wrappers to protect freshness.

IsaDelight chocolates are a rich, decadent-tasting treat that you can feel good about enjoying. Careful attention to quality at every step of the process from bean to square creates a nutrient-boosted chocolate that is an indulgent way to satisfy cravings.

You may purchase IsaDelgiht on our Isagenix store: www.ChampionsNutrition.com.

Why A Little Chocolate Can Be Good for Weight Management

You should never have to fully abstain from the foods that bring you the most joy. The good news: A little chocolate daily can actually support you in achieving your weight-loss goals.

The reason chocolate can be helpful has to do with indulgence, satisfaction, and balanced eating. When individuals take on the approach of complete restriction of certain foods like chocolate, they often end up with just the opposite: temptation, mental exhaustion, self-sabotage, and weight gain (1, 2).

Balanced eating, on the other hand, is not about complete restriction. It allows for controlled, portioned, and moderate indulgences, such as indulging in a small amount of chocolate. Balance is what makes weight loss sustainable. You can maintain balanced eating, believe it or not, by having a little chocolate daily.

Small, regular indulgences keep you enjoying life without guilt and without compromising your weight-loss goals – as long as you also make your daily consumption something to look forward to as a reward for a job well done in healthy eating.

Don’t Deny Yourself

The key is to avoid feelings of guilt, which can have the potential to lead to additional feelings of helplessness or loss of control (3). Instead, research into the psychology of dieting suggests that those who associate sweet indulgences like chocolate with “celebration” have a better time losing weight (3).

Consider adopting a balanced eating plan for weight loss – one that’s higher in protein, higher in nutrients, and lower in unhealthy fats and refined carbohydrates – but then leave some room in your plan for chocolate daily. By treating small indulgences of chocolate as a “celebration,” you will be more successful in losing weight because you will maintain a feeling of being in control of your nutrition.

Much like managing money, when you pay close attention to your budget, you can feel comfortable buying something special once in a while. This rule applies to dieting as well, as it is sometimes acceptable to have a little treat after a day of hard work.

Chocolate on Cleanse Days

If you like chocolate and are starting an Isagenix System for weight loss, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that Isagenix offers a variety of chocolate-flavored meal replacements and snack options. Some of these options include Creamy Dutch Chocolate IsaLean® ShakeIsaPro® Chocolate, and IsaLean® Bars in Chocolate Peanut Crunch, Chocolate Cream Crisp, and Chocolate Decadence.

But if you’re a regular chocoholic seeking out a way to best satisfy your cravings, then look to IsaDelight® chocolates – now available in Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate with Mint.

IsaDelight chocolates were designed especially for use on Cleanse Days, as satisfying rewards for successfully overcoming cravings and abstaining from food throughout the day. Each 60-calorie IsaDelight is individually wrapped for convenience and to help with self-control.

With the products that Isagenix provides, you can still indulge in your craving for chocolate while comfortably losing weight.


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Making Chocolate Work For You, Not Against You

Did you know that chocolate is the most craved food in North America? Chocolate is so popular that 40 percent of women list it as their favorite food (1-2). But what some people may not realize is that chocolate can be a valuable weight-loss tool.

According to a 2011 study performed by researchers at Pennsylvania State University, it may be more advantageous to try to work chocolate into your weight-loss reigmen instead of cutting it out altogether.

The study randomly assigned 26 overweight, premenopausal women to eat either a reduced-calorie diet with a daily dark chocolate snack or a non-chocolate snack. They found that both groups lost weight, but that the daily, portion-controlled chocolate snack didn’t hinder any weight loss (3).

From the results of the study, the authors suggested that those trying to lose weight should consider the incorporation of portion-controlled snacks with respect to overall daily calorie intake to assist with meeting their goals (3).

“When prescribing a dietary plan for weight loss, an individual’s food preferences and usual intake pattern, which also includes snacks, should be considered,” the authors concluded. “Education about the importance of controlling sweet snack portion size and its contribution to overall daily energy intake is critical.”

The research suggests that moderate, daily chocolate consumption can be a useful weight-loss tool for many, as it often helps curb cravings when eaten periodically throughout the day.

Quality, Portion-Controlled Chocolate

IsaDelight® chocolates, which are available in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Mint Flavor, and Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt and Caramel, are an ideal product that allows people on weight-loss regimens to get their chocolate fix without packing on tons of extra calories.

At 60 calories per square, IsaDelights stand out among other kinds of chocolate because they include amino acids and B vitamins and are infused with green tea. They contain no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

Daily Intake and Timing

Regardless of the quality, it’s still possible to have too much. It’s generally suggested that consumers limit chocolate to no more than four 10-gram pieces (or 1.5 oz.) of quality chocolate per day to stay on track with health or weight-loss goals.

Not overindulging can come down to timing. Saving one’s chocolate allowance for the end of the day may seem like a good way to unwind and reward oneself at the end of a long day. However, with so many food temptations throughout the day, some may also find it helpful to always have quality chocolate on hand, allowing them to easily avoid those more unhealthy options.

In the Penn State study described earlier, subjects spread their chocolate consumption throughout the day (totaling about 150 calories) to help them curb cravings, leading to the consumption of fewer calories and eventual weight loss (3).

Small amounts of chocolate can combat cravings and provide a little pick-me-up during the day. IsaDelights are also a wonderful companion on Cleanse and Shake Days and can even be a sweet treat for loved ones this Valentine’s Day.


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Chocolate For Your Sweetheart

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day for celebrating with your honey, and it’s time again to talk about chocolate. Why not let your inner chocoholic indulge a little? After all, it is estimated that 36 million boxes of chocolates will be shared with loved ones all over the country today.

But included in many of those coveted heart-shaped boxes are hefty amounts of sugar and fat, contributing calories that won’t spare the waistlines of those who consume them without restraint. How about, this year, pampering your partner with chocolates that won’t ruin her or his (yes, men like chocolate too!) health and weight management goals?

IsaDelight Plus Chocolates are the perfect V-Day gesture to show that you really love your sweetheart. Research into the health benefits of consuming chocolate has been extensive, and we’ve already reported what chocolate can do for brain and vision health, heart health, and even the health of your DNA. Here are a couple more reasons why chocolate such as IsaDelights are the perfect gift for your Valentine:

Regular consumption of chocolate can support insulin sensitivity: The Kuna Indians of the San Blas islands of Panama are serious about their chocolate, as their daily routine includes consuming multiple doses of a cocoa beverage high in flavanols (phytonutrients that are considered to have antioxidant properties). In addition to exhibiting healthy cardiovascular and blood vessel function, the prevalence of diabetes among the Kuna Indians is also almost non-existent. This is supported by a recent review that suggests there is a reciprocal relationship between healthy blood vessel function and improved insulin sensitivity (1). Support heart health and insulin sensitivity by eating chocolate? What a win-win situation!

The right kind of chocolate can support weight management: Though some chocolate can be calorie-dense and eating too much of it will do no favors for weight loss efforts, there are chocolate choices that can actually aid in losing and maintaining weight. One study (2) in subjects aiming to lose weight found that as part of a calorie-restricted diet, chocolate consumption spread throughout the day (totaling about 150 calories) can help in curbing cravings to consume fewer calories resulting in decreased body weight and improved body composition. Look no further than IsaDelights on Isagenix Cleanse Days. Countless people consider IsaDelights an essential part of Cleanse Days because they help control cravings and provide a feeling of fulfillment.

Chocolate sounds too good to be true, right? Right, but sometimes wrong. To get chocolate’s full spectrum of benefits, make sure to choose chocolate that is not calorie-laden and that’s been processed in a way to preserve the essential-for-health flavanols. The right chocolate choice is IsaDelight Plus Chocolates. Whether its milk or dark chocolate, it delivers the health benefits so you can enjoy guilt-free.


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