Isagenix = Science In Action: Scientific Posters Presented at Conference


Dr. Rockway presenting studies on Isagenix products in Anaheim.

Isagenix’s Research and Science is pleased to announce that our team presented scientific posters on Wednesday, April 28, on the findings of two clinical studies on Isagenix products in Anaheim, Calif., at Experimental Biology 2010.

To read the company’s official news announcement, click here. To read the official press release with details on the findings of each study, please click here.

Additionally, if you are interested in downloading the scientific posters for the 28-day study or nine-day study directly in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), then click here or here, respectively. To see an abstract of the nine-day study, click here.

Both of the pilot trials showed positive results and attested to the efficacy of IsaLean Shake and Cleanse for Life for supporting adults with healthy weight loss, maintaining healthy lipid profiles, and feel better about their weight, health and energy levels.

Here’s a shout out to Dr. Mary Balliett and the researchers at New York Chiropractic College for performing the trials!

The objective of these pilot studies were to establish a Proof of Concept so that we could follow with more clinical trials in the future. Also, the presentation of the posters were critical for bringing credibility to the program in the scientific arena and also for developing a medium for constructive feedback.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who funded these studies and where were they conducted?

A. Isagenix funded both studies and each were conducted at New York Chiropractic College  where Dr. Balliett was the Principal Investigator and Dean of the Basic Sciences Department.  Isagenix proactively searched for a university who could conduct these studies according to Good Clinical Practice, get Institutional Review Board approval and have the clinical expertise to run a nutrition study on weight loss and body composition.

Dr. Balliett became interested in Isagenix through her students and eventually was appointed to our Technical Advisory Board (TAB). As a member of the TAB, she remains an impartial resource who does not distribute Isagenix products.

QDoes Isagenix plan to perform more research with New York Chiropractic College and other universities?

A. Yes, Isagenix is actively engaged in assessing the needs for more  clinical studies that may further support the efficacy and safety of our products.

Q. Have there been any clinical studies performed by independent parties that have not been funded by Isagenix?

A. We are not aware of any researchers who have studied our products in clinical trials. It is not typical for medical researchers to study products from private industry if not properly funded.

Q. Why hasn’t Isagenix funded medical doctors to perform their research?

A. Studies for dietary supplements and foods are best conducted by experts in the field. Sometimes that may be a professor with a medical degree, but most often these type of studies are best done with Ph.D.s at universities or contract research firms who have expertise in weight loss. Federally funded organizations such as National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, etc. do not necessarily wish to support research on products from private industry, particularly if  the studies are not mechanistic or related to diseases. Thus, it is up to individual companies to set aside research dollars to conduct third-party research. That is not to say we would not find a partner at a medical school to conduct research, but it would still have to be funded by us.

Q.  Why didn’t these studies report measures other than those for healthy weight loss—body composition and lipid profiles?

A. We chose to evaluate the impact of our programs on these parameters since these type of data would help provide Proof of Concept, or further substantiation of our efficacy as sought by the FDA and the FTC. Please be aware that successful weight management not only reduces risks of various disease by normalizaing plasma lipids and reducing abdominal fat, but also, with our products, alleviates both undernourishment and exposure to stored toxins. As a person loses weight, toxins stored in adipose tissue are also released as the fat cell shrinks. These molecules must be transferred  to the liver where the detoxifying enzymes makes them water-soluble so they can be excreted in the urine or bile.

Isagenix seeks to help solve weight management, undernourishment and toxicity with its programs—IsaLean Shake and Cleanse for Life are not only excellent for lowering caloric intake for weight management, but provides a tasty, nutrient-dense food  designed  to maximize nutrition and provide supportive botanicals that promote natural cleansing and detoxification in the body.

However, there are few clinical study designs that effectively measure changes in nutrient-replenishment and detoxification because there are too many variables involved. Because individuals all have different loads and types toxins stored in tissues, it would require an extremely large population to measure differences in pre- and post-test toxic loads and, of course, it would be a gamble to “guess” which molecule to measure. Not everyone has the same dietary history or level of suboptimal micronutrient intake (micronutrients include various vitamins and minerals. Similarly, not everyone has the same exposure or level of toxins in the body (toxins can range from organochlorine pesticides, PCBs and aromatics to heavy metals and pthalates). Thus, it makes that type of study difficult to design, and recruit for.

Q. Both studies showed  significant decreases in plasma lipids, yet we are not allowed to claim “cholesterol lowering”. How come?

A.  Scientists discuss results that were obtained. They are not marketing their results and, therefore, must describe the data they have. Companies selling dietary supplements are not allowed to say their products can “lower cholesterol” or affect other plasma lipid biomarkers because FDA deems those as drug claims.

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