Isagenix Ageless Renewal Serum

Defy Skin Aging with Ageless Renewal Serum®

by Isagenix Corporate

Isagenix Ageless Renewal Serum

Pamela Linfoot noticed a real difference after only two weeks of using Isagenix's new Ageless Renewal Serum.

On any given sunny day, Pamela Linfoot can be found tending to the flowers and plants of her clients near her home in Grandbury, Texas. With a natural green thumb and a cheerful attitude toward her routine, she says working in the outdoors as a gardener is a lifestyle she enjoys.

Now nearing age 44, however, she is keenly aware of how everyday sunshine has weathered her skin despite regular use of skin-protective hats and sunscreen. The cumulative damage from the sun, as well as other environmental factors, on skin is a major cause of deep lines and wrinkles.

But recently, Pamela began using a special serum she received as an unexpected early birthday present from her husband, David Linfoot, who had just returned from a weekend trip to San Diego. He had attended Isagenix Celebration 2010 to commemorate a personal achievement of losing 106 pounds with Isagenix products.

While at Celebration, David had purchased a bottle of Ageless Renewal Serum, a skin care product just introduced as part of Isagenix’s new Rejuvity anti-aging product line. The serum features a specialized formula called Repair-Plex™ based on cutting-edge science in skin renewal.

According to medical-esthetician Marilyn Territo, CE, CM, a member of Isagenix’s Scientific Advisory Board whom David listened to at the event, Repair-Plex contains conditioned media rich in epidermal growth factors (also known as polypeptides), matrix proteins, and other actives. Territo told event attendees that the formula provides the “raw constituents” that  “skin cells need to thrive.”

Pamela saw the “before” and “after” pictures of others who had used the serum, so she decided she would follow suit with her own. On Thursday, August 26, she had her picture taken and then used the serum for the following two weeks.

As the product comes with a 30-day guarantee, she didn’t anticipate any improvement for at least a month. But she began to notice changes in only a few days, so after the two weeks, she had her daughter take an “after” picture.

When placed side by side, Pamela found the differences in the photos stunning – the second pictured showed clear differences with glowing skin, a firmer and toned look, with diminished appearance of deep lines and wrinkles.

Ageless Renewal Serum features Repair-Plex, a formula based on cutting-edge biotech research in skin renewal.Ageless Renewal Serum features Repair-Plex, a formula based on cutting-edge biotech research in skin renewal.

“My big ego boost was when my daughter came home from work, we did the pictures, and put them online,” Pamela said. “My daughter said, ‘Oh my gosh mom I didn’t know how old you look. You look so much younger.’”

Science of Renewing Youth to Skin

Territo says that the seeming effects of turning back the hands of time as experienced by Pamela have been witnessed by many others using Ageless Renewal Serum. “I have seen amazing rejuvenation of the skin with this product,” she says.

Territo says, “the Ageless Renewal Serum’s Repair-Plex technology is a custom blend that is the result of research in the biotech field of tissue regeneration and based on restoring a youth-like environment and appearance to the skin.”

“As the aging process in skin progresses, she explains, the skin’s layers weaken and become more vulnerable to the formation of wrinkles. The ability of the epidermis [outermost layer of the skin] to receive nutrients is lessened leading to skin that is dry, thin and wrinkle-prone. The patent-pending technology behind Repair-Plex delivers key epidermal growth factors into the skin that help support and promote the production of collagen and elastin.”

Territo says that to obtain the most “powerful anti-aging” benefit from the serum, it should be used correctly as part of a complete anti-aging skin care regime. She gives these step-by-step instructions for morning and evening:

Skin care regimen using Rejuvity Ageless Renewal Serum with IsaDermix Skin Care Products:


  1. Cleanse with Gentle Cleansing Gel
  2. Exfoliate with Intensive Microderm two to three times per week for sensitive, dry, mature skin. It can be used daily for oily and combination skin.

Note: Do not use the Anti-Aging Treatment Toner when applying Ageless Renewal Serum. It leaves a moisturizing film on the surface of the skin that can impede the delivery of the Ageless Renewal Serum into the skin. The toner can be used during the day or evening as a spritz to refresh the skin. Or, it can be sprayed on the body prior to application of the Ultra Hydrating Hand & Body Cream.   

  1. On clean, dry skin, apply Ageless Renewal Serum. Wait five minutes for it to absorb into the skin.
  2. Apply Antioxidant C Serum with CoQ10.
  3. Apply Age-Defying Eye Cream.
  4. Apply Isa SunGuard for UV protection and as a day lotion. For extremely dry and/or mature skin, use a thin film of Moisture-Rich Day Cream prior to applying Isa SunGuard.


  1. Follow the same regimen as the morning program, except do not repeat Intensive Microderm if you already used it in the morning.
  2. Use Intensive Renewal Night Cream instead of Isa SunGuard

Every day that Pamela uses the Age Renewal Serum, she says she does so with the other IsaDermix Skin Care products. She protects her skin against damage from the sun with new Isa SunGuard and by following safe sun practices, as she works outside doing what she loves – gardening!

On her Facebook page, where she posted her pictures, she wrote, “It is pretty cool when you can approach your 44th birthday and look younger every day!” Her friends gave her plenty of comments, including one that stated that the pictures were “impossible.” Pamela responds that it is possible, as it happened to her.

After seeing the results of his wife’s birthday gift, Pamela’s husband David was also delighted, posted the pictures on his own Facebook page, and commented, “Before it was someone else’s picture, this time it is my wife. I can’t wait to see what a month looks like.”

If you’d like to learn more about Ageless Renewal Serum, see more “Before/After” photos of people who’ve used the serum, or watch the Ageless Renewal Serum promotional video, then be sure to visit http://isagenix.com/us/en/agelessrenewalserum.dhtml.

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