Isagenix Clinical Study Now Published In Second Journal With MRI Scans


New publication shows MRI scans of visceral fat in a subject before (figure A) and after (figure B) using Isagenix products.

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)’s clinical study involving Isagenix products has now been published in a second high-profile, peer-reviewed publication, Nutrition Journal. The new article includes magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of a subject before and after use of Isagenix products.

The MRI scans serve to provide visual evidence of visceral fat reduction in the subject in the Isagenix group during the 30-day study. MRI scans use radio waves to scan the body and then produce cross-sectional pictures showing the internal structures of the body.

The figures in this publication include before (figure A) and after (figure B) cross-sectional abdominal scans of a subject who was in the Isagenix group of the study. When viewed side by side, there is a noticeable decrease in visceral fat—the fat that surrounds the internal organs—in figure B compared to figure A (the white area within the outlined section). On average, the MRI scans showed that subjects in the group taking Isagenix products lost two times as much visceral fat as those who followed a “heart-healthy” diet in the study. A slight decrease in subcutaneous fat—the thick white outer layer outside of the outlined section—can also be seen when comparing the before and after images.

The publication further supports the credibility of the research conducted by the lead study author, Krista Varady, Ph.D., and her colleagues from UIC. Previously, the research that compared the Isagenix system to a well-recognized “heart-healthy” diet plan was published in the equally prestigious Nutrition & Metabolism journal and highlighted the positive effects the Isagenix system had on cardiovascular risk factors.

While the data are taken from the same intervention, the new publication takes a slightly different look at the results by focusing on the effect of intermittent fasting with calorie restriction on weight loss, fat loss, and visceral fat loss in obese women. The study found that subjects on Isagenix products had greater reductions in body weight, visceral fat, and cardiovascular risk factors compared to those on a heart-healthy diet. In addition, those on the Isagenix products had a greater degree of adherence compared to those on the heart-healthy diet.

For additional information on this study and the research behind Isagenix systems, see our Isagenix Science page.

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