Isagenix: From Idea to Product


The Product Innovation and Commercialization Teams collaborate with experts to create solutions with real results.

Behind any great health and wellness company, there have to be great products. And behind those great products, there has to be an experienced yet forward-thinking team of knowledgeable and skilled experts. Isagenix is no exception to this rule. The Product Innovation & Commercialization Teams at Isagenix work tirelessly to develop product formulas based on substantial research with the safest and most effective ingredients delivering optimal benefits.

Embracing the ambitious vision of John, our product development process includes diverse layers of scientific testing and an exacting attention to detail to create our “no compromise” line of products (1, 2). This process requires constant collaboration across a number of scientific disciplines with a unified commitment to quality and a goal to provide Isagenix associates with real results.

This complex process of developing and launching new products around the world can be broken down into four phases:

1. Discovery: Some companies are only after creating products that will sell in the market—even if that means dismissing scientific efficacy or bypassing measures to ensure safety. At Isagenix, the discovery phase of the innovation process is more than just reviewing market trends. Before a product is formulated, hundreds of hours go into investigating the latest scientific evidence on ingredients, dosage, effectiveness, and safety. Together, the scientists in the QRTS department identify how various ingredients work synergistically in a new, innovative product to benefit various aspects of health.

2. Feasibility: The feasibility of a product is determined by evaluating whether there is a sustainable supply chain, how a product tests with consumers, what novel delivery systems are available, and what market and cultural preferences there are relative to a product. The company formulates products to be sure they are suitable for those with specific dietary restrictions (e.g. gluten-free) and for those with cultural preferences (e.g. Kosher). In addition, the team seeks out the highest standards in packaging to support sustainability.

3. Development: When developing a product, Isagenix invests many of its resources in conducting multiple analytical and sensory tests on both raw materials and finished products until quality, safety, and efficacy standards are met. Additionally, Isagenix makes clinical research a priority and partners with well-known and respected universities to design and conduct studies evaluating Isagenix products and systems. Because of this extensive testing, Isagenix can proudly stand behind quality products.

4. Commercialization: Products must comply with governmental regulations as outlined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Being an international company, Isagenix products must also work with government administrations around the world including Health Canada, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia, and Ministries of Health (MOH) of Hong Kong and Taiwan. This involves meeting strict requirements on product licensing, labeling, and claims. While some companies may see this as an inconvenience, Isagenix sees it as a reliable system of checks and balances to ensure production of high-quality products.

When you enjoy your Creamy French Vanilla IsaLean Shake or bite into an Oatmeal Raisin IsaLean Bar, know that it was carefully crafted by a team of highly qualified professionals after hundreds of hours of testing and research to ensure that the product is effective and supported by science. By following these phases of development, the Product Innovation and Commercialization Teams at Isagenix are setting you up for success.

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