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Why IsaPro® Is The Natural Way To Build Muscle and Lose Fat

by Isagenix Nutritional Sciences

All-natural quality IsaPro whey comes from dairy cows raised on pastures of New Zealand.

Whether you’re an athlete, bodybuilder or weekend warrior, you know that getting enough protein in your diet is vital to provide the amino acid “building blocks” that must be available to fuel growth of muscle and make the most of those long hours of training. Yes, you can maximize muscle gains with the right kind of protein.

Numerous studies have shown that whey protein  is superior to other protein sources because it’s more easily absorbed and contains higher levels of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) to drive muscle protein anabolism—the lean muscle growth you want.

What’s the whey protein source to help you maximize lean muscle growth? It’s the kind found in our Isagenix® IsaLean® Shake and what also makes up our newly-enhanced Isagenix IsaPro unflavored whey protein with Ionic Alfalfa™. Here are the reasons why our natural whey can help you build your muscle mass and help you burn fat.

Reason #1: IsaPro Delivers on Quality

Don’t drink another shake that contains “junk” whey protein! When you add IsaPro, you can feel confident about getting results from your workouts.

We thoroughly inspect raw materials, testing their potency, so that we can be sure they satisfy our customers’ needs. As we do, we make sure our whey continually offers its naturally superior amino acid profile and its content of BCAAs that spur muscle growth to the max.

Reason #2: IsaPro is All-Natural

We know that quality whey can only come from a quality source, which is why our exclusive whey comes from dairy cows that are raised on pastures (not grain) on small New Zealand family farms, milked according to season, well rested, and not treated with hormones or antibiotics.

The dairy whey in IsaLean Shake and IsaPro is produced by thinking first about what’s best for the dairy cow’s nutrition and what’s good for the pristine New Zealand environment. At Isagenix, we don’t think there should be any other whey.

Reason #3: IsaPro is Backed by Science

Whether you want to fuel muscle growth or natural detox, or just get an extra protein boost in your IsaLean Shake for metabolism and weight loss, IsaPro provides the right balance of amino acids for your body’s needs.

Studies have found that those who add protein high in BCAAs to your diet, coupled with exercise, have more lean muscle tissue and lose more body fat. IsaPro unflavored whey protein provides the high count of BCAAs that trigger protein muscle anabolism, especially when taken within 20 minutes after workouts. (See previous post on “Building Muscle with Whey and Casein“.)

Whey protein also helps enhance the body’s immune system by raising glutathione levels. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant with the ability to help the immune system and support cell integrity. The whey in our IsaLean Shake and in our IsaPro unflavored whey protein has a rich cysteine content to support glutathione synthesis for liver and detox support.

Whey protein studies also show that it helps manage weight by promoting a feeling of fullness. And, as you build lean tissue, your metabolic rate increases and you naturally burn more calories each day. In short, whey is the key to building muscle and busting fat in the long-term.

Reason #4: IsaPro Technology

Not all whey proteins are created equal. Fresh, whole milk is guided through a low-heat series of fine filters, which separate our whey from other dairy components such as fats and lactose. The ultra-filtration process yields the cleanest whey protein concentrate available for easy digestibility.

Also, due to these gentle, low-heat methods, the whey protein is protected from breaking down and  maintains its natural, high-quality, undenatured state.

Reason #5: IsaPro Contains Ionic Alfalfa

Lastly, IsaPro now contains Isagenix’s exclusive, proprietary Ionic Alfalfa. The ingredient is a special alfalfa juice concentrate rich in trace minerals coming from an ancient plant deposit.

Ionic Alfalfa provides extra support for general metabolism and supporting your body’s overall health naturally.

IsaPro delivers high-quality amino acid profile to fuel muscle growth.

IsaPro Frequently Asked Questions

By now, we know you’ll have questions about IsaPro and how to get the best muscle-building and weight loss results. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about IsaPro.

Q. I noticed my new IsaPro has changed. What are the differences with the new, upgraded version of IsaPro?

A. The just-upgraded version of IsaPro is made up of the same outstanding whey protein that is currently featured in our previously launched natural creamy IsaLean Shakes. IsaPro now also contains Ionic Alfalfa for best support of health and general wellbeing.

You will also notice that the new product is “fluffier” in appearance. It comes in a larger canister with a slightly larger scoop to compensate for the change in density. Please be advised that, despite the change in appearance, the directions for use and protein content per serving remains the same.

Q. How do I use Isagenix IsaPro?  

A. You can add 1½ scoops of IsaPro to one scoop of your IsaLean Shake—any flavor—and 8 ounces of purified water. The total protein content would be 35 grams. For optimum taste, blend with ice (preferably with an IsaBlender™).

Q. Who can benefit from using IsaPro?

A. We recommend IsaPro to almost anyone looking for a boost of protein, however, it is best used by athletes, weekend warriors and growing teenagers. If you’re having trouble overcoming a weight-loss plateau, then you can also use it to help boost metabolism and curb cravings.

Q. Can people who are required to be on low-sugar diets by their doctors use IsaPro?

A. Yes. Because IsaPro contains no added sugar,  those with type 2 diabetes or who are otherwise required to be on a low-sugar diet are able to use it to dilute the sugar intake from their IsaLean Shakes, or use it as a separate item. As always, however, we recommend people with diabetes only use products or change their diet under the care of a physician.

For more information on IsaPro, see video with Dr. Mark Kimes by clicking here.

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