Study Finds Isagenix Products Improve Men’s Athletic Performance


A new study has found that when physically fit men used Isagenix products to boost their protein intake and improve their nutrition when training, they significantly enhanced their muscular power, strength, aerobic performance, and flexibility.

The study is a follow-up to previous research conducted on women by researchers at Skidmore College. Now, both studies for physically active males and females have demonstrated that Isagenix products combined with exercise training improves physical performance.

The open-access paper was published in the peer-reviewed journal Growth Hormone & IGF Research.

“Our main objective was to compare the effects of currently recommended protein and nutritional supplement intake versus protein-pacing and nutritional supplementation (to increase protein intake) using Isagenix products in highly trained men (a minimum of more than 30 minutes, four days/week of structured exercise) following the multimode PRISE training program (resistance, interval, stretching, endurance) on health and fitness/physical performance outcomes,” says Dr. Paul Arciero, Director of the Human Nutrition and Metabolism Lab.

The design of the study divided 20 regularly physically active males into two groups where one included Isagenix products while the other acted as a control. All participants performed the same exercise routine that consisted of closely supervised and monitored progressive exercise four days a week for 12 weeks.

The carefully constructed exercise program addressed all major areas of fitness including resistance, interval, stretching, and endurance training. Meal plans were identically matched in terms of total calories, meal frequency, timing, and dietary support. By design, the only differences between the two groups were use of Isagenix products and protein intake, specifically:

  • The Isagenix group consumed Isagenix products and followed a plan that consisted of five to six meals per day while consuming 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight with 20-25 grams per meal. This plan incorporated Isagenix whey-based products IsaPro®, IsaLean® PRO Shake, and IsaLean Bar. On exercise days, the subjects also used e+™, a naturally caffeinated energy shot, and AMPED™ Hydrate, an electrolyte-replenishment beverage, and Ionix® Supreme, an Adaptogen-rich drink. The subjects also supplemented with Complete Essentials™ Daily Pack, a multivitamin/mineral/bioactive pack.
  • The control group followed a meal plan that included a dietary protein intake consisting of five to six meals per day at 1 gram of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. Their plan used general supermarket products including granola bars and organic milk. On exercise days, the subjects also consumed caffeine from coffee or tea, a general electrolyte beverage, and a multivitamin/mineral supplement.

Sample Menus

Control Group

(protein 1 g per kg)

Isagenix Group

(protein 2 g per kg)

Breakfast Steel cut oats, eggs, honey, nut/seedbutter, fruit, caffeine beverage, a multivitamin Eggs/egg whites, blueberries, coconut butter/milk, e+, Complete Essentials Daily Pack
Mid-morning snack Granola bar IsaPro, fresh fruit
Lunch Whole-grain pita, chicken, baked chips, fresh fruit IsaLean PRO
Mid-Afternoon snack Granola bars, milk IsaLean Bars, ½ cup of Greek yogurt or fruit
Dinner Fish/poultry/beef, whole-grainrice/pasta or legumes, freshvegetables, dried fruit, olive oil, water Fish/poultry/beef, fresh vegetables,chopped nuts, dried fruit, olive oil,milk
Evening snack Fresh fruit, nuts Greek yogurt, fruit, Ionix Supreme
Exercise Days Electrolyte beverage AMPED Hydratee+

“To be honest, this was a huge risk on the part of Isagenix because the likelihood of detecting fitness and performance differences in highly trained individuals is very low,” Dr. Arciero notes. “Surprisingly, at the end of 12 weeks, both groups experienced significant improvements in almost every health and performance outcome, including reduced body fat, increased muscle mass and fat burning at rest, enhanced heart health, as well as increased upper and lower body strength and power, aerobic power, and flexibility.”

Dr. Arciero explains that most impressively, the men using the Isagenix products and PRISE training experienced significantly greater improvements in: 1) upper body strength as measured by the 1 RM bench press, 2) lower body explosive power (assessed by the ballistic squat jump), 3) aerobic power measured with a 5-kilometer cycling time trial, and 4) lower back and hamstring flexibility with a sit-and-reach test.

The study suggests that Isagenix products in conjunction with a higher protein intake augments the training-induced improvement in multiple performance outcomes, which includes positive adaptations for strength, power, endurance, and increased levels of hormones such as IGF-1, a known marker of muscle growth.


Ives SJ, Norton C, Miller V, Minicucci O, et al. Multi-modal exercise training and protein-pacing enhances physical performance adaptations independent of growth hormone and BDNF but may be dependent on IGF-1 in exercise-trained men. Growth Horm IGF Res. Oct; 24.  DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ghir.2016.10.002

Arciero PJ, Ives SJ, Norton C, et al. Protein-Pacing and Multi-Component Exercise Training Improves Physical Performance Outcomes in Exercise-Trained Women: The PRISE 3 Study. Nutrients. 2016 Jun 1;8(6).

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