Why Isagenix Chooses New Zealand Dairy


Isagenix only uses dairy from an exclusive and dedicated farm of “Happy Cows” to Isagenix in New Zealand to manufacture its assorted health & nutritional products.

Because of its sparse population, New Zealand is one of the few places in the world to maintain a rich natural beauty in a temperate climate with abundant rainfall. Its pristine environment and warmth is a seeming paradise with richly diverse fauna, clean lakes and rivers, and beautiful beaches.

The country is home to more than four million dairy cows. This is about the same amount as there are people on the island, many of whom depend on the dairy industry for their livelihoods.

One plant is a relatively small operation with a focus on sustainability by sourcing only from small family farms with free-grazing cows that are never given artificial hormones (rBST free). The cows themselves enjoy a quality life on the pasture, are well rested after each milking, and are milked according to season as nature intended for them.

This is one of the plants that provides Isagenix with dairy protein produced exclusively for IsaLean products (shake, soups and bars) and IsaPro whey protein.

Dairy farming in this way ensures consistency of high quality and purity—that cannot be guaranteed from sourcing in the United States or elsewhere. The fresh milk is guided through a series of fine filters under low heat to separate whey from other dairy components such as fats and lactose.

The gentle system uses no acids and the protein remains in its natural state, undenatured, with protein folds left as they should be. The proof is found in the superior nutritional benefits and flavor.

  • Isagenix continues to source our dairy proteins (including whey protein) from New Zealand dairy farmers who raise their cows on pasture and don’t use routine antibiotics or hormones. However, to meet the demands of astounding Isagenix growth, we have also sought other suppliers in Australia and the U.S. who meet the same standards for dairy protein. While not “USDA certified organic” due to supplier limitations, we believe that our dairy protein quality exceeds most organic standards. As with any of our ingredients, our dairy proteins are always rigorously tested for their quality and to be sure they are safe. Rigorous testing is performed for microbial activity, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. Safety and quality are our highest priority. 


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