Three Ways to Rid Yourself of Belly Fat Faster

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Enhance the loss of dangerous belly fat with these tips.

If you’ve ever used an Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning system, then you’re already aware that it’s a clinically supported, effective solution for shedding unwanted belly fat. Now research has uncovered a few extra things you can do that when combined together can accelerate belly fat loss.

If you want to speed up belly fat loss, you should:

  • Caffeinate (with e+, preferably).
  • Move faster (with HIIT; more on that below).
  • Go high protein (with IsaPro whey protein, preferably).

As a reminder, belly fat is a danger to your health—particularly the kind that’s visceral, lying deep in the body’s midsection. It’s associated with insulin resistance, inflammation, and a greater risk of chronic health problems. When it comes to body fat, it’s just the worst of the worst.

In most cases, performing Cleanse Days and Shake Days can help you get rid of belly fat, according to clinical research on Isagenix products. But the fact is that we all have a certain degree of stubborn belly fat. And it’s generally the last few pounds that can be the most challenging—not to mention frustrating—to leave behind.


There’s no need to become disenchanted when new studies find that you can look to caffeine to re-energize your goals. According to the Journal of Applied Physiology, caffeine can help not only cheer you up about exercise, but also increase the amount of food calories burned during and after exercise (1).

The authors of the new research wrote that caffeine led to exercise “being perceived as less difficult and more enjoyable” and that the combination created a “greater acute energy deficit” that cumulatively could lead to a pound or more of weight loss after only a few months.

Caffeine can come in many forms. Most people turn to the traditional coffee or tea for a caffeine fix, which will work surely enough as long as you don’t pile in the sugar and creamers. For use just before exercise, Isagenix e+ also will provide an 80-milligram dose of naturally-sourced caffeine needed for a pleasing workout.

Move Fast

Endless hours in the gym aren’t needed either. In fact, according to new studies, a short few minutes a few times a week of high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, should be enough to help you burn off that last belly fat bit.

As reported in the Journal of Obesity, HIIT is more effective than traditional aerobic exercise for belly fat reduction (2). According to the researchers, the reasons may have to do with increased fat metabolism during and after exercise, better balance of blood sugar, better sensitizing of the body’s insulin response, and even decreased appetite post-exercise.

How to shrink your waist with HIIT? It involves a mix of speed and power in intervals lasting from 30 seconds to several minutes, followed by rest periods lasting for about one to five minutes. So you might try sprinting as fast as possible for 30 seconds followed by walking for five minutes, then sprinting again, four to five times a session.

What you’re doing, in short, is getting the biggest belly-fat-busting bang for your exercise buck. It should be enough to be metabolically demanding for hormone modulating, cardiovascular conditioning, and better fat burning (2). But we advise you to work with your personal doctor to find out what level of HIIT is most appropriate for you.

Go High Protein

Following your HIIT workout (and even when taken just before bed), extra protein promotes belly fat loss. Plus, it helps boost muscle growth, increase metabolism, satisfy appetite, and helps balance insulin levels (3). As much as we like to say it, it’s worth repeating: Protein indeed is king.

But don’t overdo it. Protein in excess, especially when presented with extra calories from fat like in a big steak, can also just end up as extra belly fat. Also, not all protein (ahem, not soy) has the right combination of branched-chain amino acids to truly accelerate fat loss. Whey protein is a safe bet for the job for burning fat in the fewest calories; and IsaPro supplemental undenatured whey protein is choice for quality.

Putting it All Together for Flat Abs

Remember, the studies show that the combination of intermittent fasting on Cleanse Days and calorie restriction on Shake Days is truly key to optimal belly fat loss. But flat bellies and six-pack abs also can take work through exercise. By adding on caffeine from e+, combined with HIIT, and followed by whey protein, you’ll only improve upon the value of your Isagenix lifestyle.

It could also be just the bump you need to bust that belly fat for the better.


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